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Two of our NCS Graduates explore the nature of volunteering, what are the benefits and where are the opportunities, read more below:

Issah - volunteering



Issah, NCS Graduate. 

Personally, my past mind set within volunteering used to be a tedious agenda. My personal tutors would CONSTANTLY push me to find a placement as this would boost my university personal statement. As this became a continual process of procrastination, I now realised how much that limited my chances of being exposed to the importance of volunteering.

Not until I gained the courage to take part in the National Citizen Service (NCS) where my knowledge on volunteering blossomed, and I soon understood why it is so vital to engage in a meaningful-positive approach.

Volunteering for the Norfolk Hospice

During Phase Two of NCS, my team participated in a community fair, where our local charities came to discuss their aims and goals, and how volunteering can help aid the process. From here we dedicated the 30 hours of our Phase Three project to the Norfolk Hospice Tapping house. We renovated two garden banks, removing weeds, litter and unwanted plants and seeding grass deprived areas.

Physically witnessing our achievement had a hugely positive impact, not only to my team itself but to the staff and patients within the hospice.

Volunteering Team Mentor for NCS

I’ve gained such a positive experience from NCS that I have now returned as a Team Mentor, I’m really hoping to inspire future participants to find the same value in volunteering that I have!


Samuel - volunteering



Samuel, NCS Graduate 2016

For me, volunteering is all about creating an idea of community in a time when  time when people seem to care less and less for their neighbours and others around them. Volunteering might like a great waste of time but instead it can be a great way help others, impact local communities and build important and invaluable experiences.

I think that it is very important that we remove the negative ideas around volunteering; remove the need for money to pay people to do such job. While the value of volunteering cannot be overstated, in projects, social days, and similar events. They bring people together for the sole purpose of helping others, from small things like litter picks, or visiting an old peoples home to hosting bigger, fundraising events.

If we can change the views of helping others with no expectation of getting something in return, we can rebuild the ideas a community of people working together for the common good, then we can work on bigger and bigger projects together.

The social action projects that we took part in on NCS were so important. They brought our team together, for the common aim of helping our neighbours, and our local area. The project had us all working as a team rather than a bunch of teenagers living in our own bubble.

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