Is university for me?

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University, is it for me? University education

One of the biggest questions during the last year of school: Should I go to university?
It’s hanging over your head from the end of year 11, and all the way through sixth form and college: what should I do next?

University is a great step after school but it doesn’t mean that this it’s the right path for everyone! We’ve put together a pros and cons list about going to uni to help make your own mind up.


1. It’s fun – the stand out thing for university is the experience! There is a lot of studying going but you will get to live with your friends, go to lectures with your friends, and go out with your friends!
2. You grow up – University is the best stepping stone to leave home after school. You are surrounded by people in the same boat as you, all learning what’s next. It teaches you a lot of life lessons like how to cook, manage money and run your own life.
3. You get a degree – The main reason to go to university is to expand your education and learn. You leave feeling accomplished, especially after writing your dissertation in your final year!
4. Work after education – the average graduate salary is roughly 35% higher than the average school-leaver salary so it may be the right way to go about getting the job you’ve always wanted.
5. Opportunity after opportunity – Like football? Play football. Like politics? Join the politics society. There are many societies and events to get stuck into at university! The possibilities are basically endless.


1. It’s expensive – Tuition fees are now £9,000 a year, which doesn’t even cover the living costs! While uni is that although it may be fun and educational you will need to consider the finances that are involved.
2. It takes 3 years – Which is quite a long time. In this time you could go travelling and experience the world or have started working your way up in a business.
3. It’s hard – University is no walk in the park. It requires you to push yourself to go to lectures and write essays. No one is going to tell you when to turn up or when you should study. You need to be very self-sufficient (which can also be a pro!)
4. Other options – University isn’t the only way you can learn! There are apprenticeships and training courses that are also great ways to get more of a hands on experience!

So there are pros and cons of going to university, it just depends on the type of person you are! Either way we are sure you will make the right decision for you!

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