A guide to NCS graduation

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As every NCSer knows at the end of your journey you get the chance to attend your very own NCS graduation. A time for you to meet up with your team once more and look back on your successes, inviting your friends and family along for the ride!
It’s a massive night as you look back on the work you’ve achieved and celebrate your NCS experience.

So what happens at graduation?

  1. Your team of now NCS graduates will turn up all suited and booted – ready to be photographed by all the proud parents.
  2. You’ll take a seat with the rest of your team, catch up with the friends you’ve made for life!
  3. Once all the invited family and friends are in and settled down, your team leaders and other NCS representatives will start a speech – usually talking through the journey you’ve all been through and looking back at some of the wave highlights.
  4. Special guests will be invited to talk, especially those you’ve helped during your social action projects
  5. You’ll be called onto stage one by one to collect your well-earned certificate. It’s signed by the Prime Minister and recognised nationally by UCAS and potential employers – perfect CV material.
  6. Now it’s time to party – most graduations will involve a dancefloor, photobooths and plenty of selfie opportunities!

So after many smiles, possibly happy tears, through your NCS journey, the time has come to stand up and receive a big ‘well done’ from everyone you’ve helped.

“This is such a rewarding time because it shows all our hard work and effort has been rewarded. Some tough times have been battled through on NCS and finally it’s time to get up on stage and now all our hard work has been recognised.” – Ellie, NCS East Graduate.

NCS graduation

But the graduation at the end of NCS doesn’t mean goodbye!

Along with the friends we’re sure you’ve made for life, you also have the opportunity to come back to the team as a mentor or even a team leader yourself. To find out more information about these opportunities simply email ncs.east@reed.co.uk or call our friendly team on 0845 460 7410.

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