5 Christmas Films You Forget To Watch

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Every Christmas we find ourselves watching the same classics such as Home Alone and it’s A Wonderful Life. But this festive season why not give a few other films a try.


1. Just Friends – A Christmas romantic comedy where the guy who is friend zoned by his crush in high school returns 10 years later handsome, successful and very rich! This film is a hilarious festive addition and just proves you should be careful with who you friend zone at school because they may be the next Ryan Reynolds.


2. Christmas with the Kranks – Basically Jamie Lee Curtis and Tim Allen (The Kranks) decide they cannot be bothered with Christmas this year. So in an attempt to avoid anything Christmassy the whole town turns against them! It’s packed with loads of slapstick comedy, and be prepared for the unexpected Vicar in the sunbed scene…



3. Four Christmases – A great festive comedy where Vince Vaughn and Reece Witherspoon attempt to avoid Christmas by going on a tropical holiday. However, when their plans fall apart they end up having to fit in four Christmases into just one day!


4. Planes, Trains and Automobiles – This is a classic 80’s comedy where Steve Martin is trying to make his way home to Chicago for Thanksgiving with a little help from his new, annoying but lovable tag along friend John Candy. Basically everything you can think of goes wrong and it is hilarious!


5. Hook – A fully grown Peter Pan has his kids stolen by Captain Hook so he has to return to Neverland to get them back! This might not be an obvious choice for a Christmas film but it is magical and set during winter in London, so I think it can make the cut. Plus it is amazing.

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